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Introduction: Knex Scar

hey people, this is a scar-h i made out of knex (duh) and i hope you like, please rate and subscribe

Should i make a straight mag or curved, let me know please.

      Right here =)

5* FTW, yess, my first 5 stars =)



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    Nice job on the SCAR-H! Love the radar.

    were do you get those blue radar???

    This is a SCAR-L, it has a curved mag.

    Don't you just love pedantic people?

    oh, well  the scar h had a straight mag, should i go back to that? but i saw others here that were curved so i changed it

    I know this is an old conversation but I thought I'd let you know. A Scar-H is different from the Scar- L because H is meaning heavy where as L is meaning Light. A Scar-H is a tad bit bigger than a Scar-L because It's more of a rifled version. But the main difference is that a Scar-H has a much bigger round than a Scar-L which is why one has H for heavy because it has a bigger round and one has L for light because it has a smaller round. The mags don't matter. They are still both used in infantry and can still be used with different rates of fire. I'd thought I'd just tell you the truth. : )

    P.S. When ever a gun has a curved mag it's usually because a straight mag that's too long usually won't feed the bullet. So to have more ammunition inside of a mag but without the bullet not feeding, they have created a curved that's designed to hold more ammo in the mag yet, feed the bullet. Just a piece of info you should know.

    i think thats what you would cal pedantic

    The SCAR-H uses a straight mag, SCAR-L uses a curved mag.

    i did have a straight mag, but i saw everybody else with curved mags, but i didnt know there was a diference. ill change it back to a straight mag, and give the option of either one