Knex Semi-auto, Blowback, Shell Ejecting, Pistol





Introduction: Knex Semi-auto, Blowback, Shell Ejecting, Pistol

About: i'm Jorn, live in The Netherlands and I love guns and airsoft, gaming, music and creating and building all kinds of things.

this is my new knex semi auto blowback shellejcting pistol with removable magezine, video and instructions will be uploaded later, the mechanism i invented myself and its awesome.



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    Great Gun! Please make instructions soon! :D

    when are the instructions made

    I like it. A tad messy, but that should be expected. I'll favorite if you get a video up, OK?

    i do have a video of it working and the inside. the mechanism is not complicated at all, its just a pin pushing a round out of the magazine and the spring power of the magazine helps ejecting the round.

    if it is indeed what you claim it to be, than nice job