Hey there. These are the instructions for my latest gun. For more info about the gun, visit the slideshow

Step 1: The Stock

Easiest part. 

Step 2: Back Part of Main Body

This has the handle, trigger and bullet ramp. Isn't too hard. The broken rod in the bullet ramp isn't necessary

Step 3: Front Part of Main Body

Not that hard. Houses the fake barrel, magzine, pump etc.

Step 4: Finishing It

Almost done. Put it together, then click the last photo (click if it doesn't play normally, it's a .GIF)
Umm... Ur a brony aren't u
<p>Yeah. Been one for the last 2 years or so. A bit less &quot;extreme&quot; now than back then, but still one.</p>
Nice ammo, gun, everything. Do you have to cut the rod for the ammo to fire.
<p>i love the .gif!!</p>
Ah, okay. Weird that it won't work for you, I'm sorry it happened. <br>Unfortunately, I can't really help you here, as I myself haven't had that issue :/
Too bad it didn't work for you. <br>Just a question: <br>Did you cut the y-connectory in the ramp thingy? Mine wouldn't work decently until I did so.
I haven't had this gun since I've posted this ible. But I don't think it uses that many oranges (I don't have a lot of them)
What does &quot;semi pump action&quot; mean?
Didn't saw this reply in a mail, thus I'm sorry for being late. <br>With 'semi pump action', I mean that it loads the bullet with a pump action mechanism, but you need to pull the pin back manually. So it doesn't work as a normal pump action, it only chambers the bullet that way. <br>I hope this is clear, if it's not, just tell me
i like your new rainbow dash photo XD
You mean my avatar? Because that's actually Fluttershy ;)<br> Dashie looks like this with sunglasses:<br> <br>
o= ( = nice
XD <br>Thanks!
I like this idea. So from what I understand you have to pull back the pin, pump it and pull the trigger right? I think it would be possible to get the pin pull and the pump connected and I might give it a try if you don't mind...
Yeah, that's the idea. Sure you can give it a try :D
Np :D
Cool, like always!
Thanks =D

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