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Introduction: Knex Shotgun

About: i have gave up on knex i didnt have any reason to cary on which seems to be a reocouring theme im life at the moment anyways i got a facebook acount mainly because of lonleness and i heard they had videogame...

Hi this is my new knex shawed off shot gun model.I know it pobubly has been done before but i dont think it has been done enough . it is just a prototype so dont go mental over the fact that it has no bullets and the mag is naff( naff means not very good in the uk a).so if i get enough coments i will post.



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    um i know this sounds stupid but where did you find this slid show on instructables

    you have to wait a few days...

    no problem!

    no problem!

    it is so awsome i had to make the author wright this coment in my house