Picture of knex shotgun
basicly a shot gun you've all been waiting for

it shoots 'bout 20 ft with normal ammo and almost 30 with a arrow head it holds 13 (or twelve if your supersticious)in a autoload hopper at the top

to load you just push the pump fordward(you did pull it back but like the shifle it would pull down the front of the gun)

i also have a shotgun round as seen in step 2 which i will be showing you how to make

sorry its not finished its the same with my disc launcher

Step 1: Ammo

Picture of ammo
this is all the ammo

left; special shotgun round

top;general long range ammo

bottom;ha ha ha the fun of the pump
instructions please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah, we want instructions!!!!!!!111
random joe7 years ago
okay how do you build this??
GAG3 random joe5 years ago
I know?All it shows you is the gun,then the FRIGGEN ammo
bunduk (author)  random joe7 years ago
i dunno i broke this gun up
brilliant instructions. I could really see straight away how to build it.
I bet you could......
buttons035 years ago
wow a chep £00 watch. when theres my dads, watch thats worth about maybe £20,000 ??? bought for £10,000
nice watch
knex_mepalm6 years ago
I built it and it was awesome, i just don't know where all of the pieces go yet...
crazykilla6 years ago
hey everyone if you have been trying to make it open my profile and you should find it in my instructables the only thing is that it has my own trigger but you can easily make thhe block trigger bunduk made for it i also have his disc launcher if u want to build that as well
how do u build it man
cool gun too bad it will never be built again
GREAT GUN DUDE!!! but how do you make it hum???
Lord_ Nycon6 years ago
can some 1 plz post a rad gun that is powerful and needs not too many pieces plz plz
I appreciate you making a shotgun that does fire shots/pellets rather than just K'Nex rods.
bighead54546 years ago
how do you enter or make a tournament plz tell me i need to know
caebersbach6 years ago
please post it man!!!
crazykilla8 years ago
i made it to with a few mods and im positng it this is my version of the gun hope u like it
C:\Documents and Settings\Ian Bray\My Documents\Daniel\Picture 002.jpg
dude you cant just say your posting it you have to get permission from budnuk stupid 10year old (no offense to jayme)
hey I know its a long time since but I'm 12 and u are obviously to doof to know that doof means stupid in case u don't know German
thats ok
bunduk (author)  Vynash8 years ago
dont worry dude im only 11
Vynash bunduk8 years ago
i was born when you were 1 lol
gunner Vynash8 years ago
nice ;(
Vynash gunner8 years ago
im 11 too
you were bor when i was 2
i know
cool pic when you change it
of ceader point about 10 or 15 mins ago
bunduk (author)  Vynash8 years ago
Vynash bunduk8 years ago
i know
killer k Vynash8 years ago
owned im 13 lol jk
sorry but does it fire rubber bands or knex pieces
cool , post a link to the instructable when u r done ! thanks
your name is Ian Bray
bunduk (author)  Metal4God8 years ago
what mine!!! your emblem is intimidating
not you!
bunduk (author)  Metal4God8 years ago
oh k
how do you know that anyways hes gona get stalked now
Vynash8 years ago
want me to post it i made it see
post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post post PLEASE......
dont wait for it because i posted it ages ago because bunduk was being lazy and he will obviously not post it so go to this link ( http://www.instructables.com/id/bunduk-shotgun/) and u will find that i havee posted it.
check the dates on when that pic was posted and its so easy try it
please just let him post it
that was a long time ago
its so simple
mamoo Vynash7 years ago
can you please send it to me
Vynash mamoo7 years ago
i didnt take any pics of it except these and i took it apart
bunduk (author)  Vynash8 years ago
nice but i dont see any string
Vynash bunduk8 years ago
i dont have any string on it and i broke that shotgun it is peaty cool thoe
The Jamalam7 years ago
sweet watch dude! The highlight of my day lol :P
knexkid12347 years ago
please letchim post it
awsome7 years ago
what the heck man!!! You gotta finish the gun before you post it
guy-man7 years ago
theres no steps on how to mak it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1dang!!u
instructions PLEASE ANYONE .
knex19937 years ago
when will you have time to finish the instructable?? please reply
ok whos the dumb retard who actually rated this. This isn't even an instructable
check out my new fully automatic knex gun
nice instuctions on how to build your gun buddy.
not an instructable therefore flagged.
What does it mean when you flag something?
it means you are talling the instructable site that the instructable is incomplete, inapropriate, spam infectios, or made for advertising purposes.
Oh, so it means like if you flag something and the people think it is completely pointless, then it will be deleted?
wow. I think it shows you how to make shotgun rounds, and therefore is an instructable.
bunduk (author)  ak47 Sharpshooter7 years ago
this is old man no point in flagging
coming soon ak 47 automatic!!!!!!!!!!1
jaghead 967 years ago
I love the shotgun round. It is cool
beanie1237 years ago
To Jayme Plz Post From Beanie123
i dont have it anymore sorry
next time hit the reply button
crazykilla8 years ago
hey im not 10 im 12
well,ur all underage,im 13,HAAAAAA!!!!
yea well um 14 ha any iwas 4 when i started building
im 13 as well lol
buterSBob298 years ago
basicly a shot gun you've all been waiting for? were all still waiting for it
bunduk (author)  buterSBob298 years ago
yeah ill set a date 3 WEEKS if i forget i will delete the whole instructable
you got 1 week.lol
bunduk (author)  buterSBob298 years ago
or i might delete the whole thing instead
Vynash bunduk8 years ago
you nead to make a true trigger not block trigger or gamer5 will say welcome to knex block trigger cancer (would you like a cookie from oudalumps)
no i stoped and deleted all those comment because people were getting mad at me
ok thats nice
crazykilla8 years ago
please please post the insrutions even a private message
ryan knexer8 years ago
maybe you wanna make a vid of it on youtube when you are firing and using the pump system too load :P
anshuvio28 years ago
its been over 2 months since u posted this, when will it be finished?
yanoo548 years ago
how long will it take you i mean come on
Vynash8 years ago
maybe not
gunmanx8 years ago
in about 26 years but seriosly dude how long duz it take to finish it i mean c mon dude its ben not finished for months and this gun realy looks cool and i wanna build it and i speak for everyone wen i say that
bunduk (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
oh cool ive got 12 years to complete it
gunmanx bunduk8 years ago
.... god dude ur realy lazy
bunduk (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
ill try to re-build but it will be in-accurate
bunduk (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
actually i dont have this gun anymore it got broken up wen i shot my brother with a shotgun round on high power setting(it has two settings low powerful is better for pump action)i shot him because he stepped on my magnum and the round was loaded in my hand and i couldent resist to get the sucker in the back
gunmanx8 years ago
plz finish this b4 i turn 38
bunduk (author)  gunmanx8 years ago
which is when??
bradleyJOHN8 years ago
how do u make it
sak-j8 years ago
can you please please make the gun or send me the instructions......
the homepage must be working now
Easy Button8 years ago
can you please post the rest of this gun please
Metal4God8 years ago
this isn't an instructable its a forum topic
firedude3118 years ago
sweet but hury up im dieing to make one!!!!!!!!
Antony8 years ago
Looks Like The Doom 3 Shotgun...
09 monk8 years ago
does anyone know where i can get a cheap digital camera?
Walmart. You can get a cheap 320x240 resolution one for about $15. If you use if carefully, the pictures look ok.
how does the shotgun round work?
yes,tell us
whenever you fire the yellow rod holding the spacers slides out from the grey connector thing. then the blue spacers fly everywhere like a real shotgun round does.
you know me8 years ago
you know this is a simple shot gun i can problebly make it but i dont have enugh peices...
sak-j8 years ago
finish it..................
duggie8 years ago
I really want to make this gun! lol..when can u post the instructions m8, or at least more pics, then i mignt be able to make it :P ty
you should make a shotgun that doesn't use string because those types, like the shifle, often depend on how well you tie knots.
sak-j8 years ago
can you make the instructable
occoo56668 years ago
cool gun but next time don't call it a shotgun if it only shoots one shot. It's just a pump action single-shot.
A pump action single-shot? ok....lol
djek2228 years ago
bunduk ken make peas the other steps pleas
sak-j8 years ago
Make the instructable.....please....
sammyb8 years ago
hurry up and finnish it becuse it looks very cool
MUAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAH!!!!i shot an explosive arrowhead from it!!!!
You're gonna go to jail and be good enoubh to where you order Knex out of that jail catalog, make this, and get a life sentence. Thumbs Up. Get-R-Done.Giggity Goo. Alll Riiiggghhht.
bunduk (author) 8 years ago
is this reverse pump action?
bunduk (author)  knex hater hater8 years ago
yes you push the pump forwards
g123453898 years ago
hey dose it use mepains shifle thing cuz i see wheels.
bunduk (author)  g123453898 years ago
toulvus8 years ago
could you put a nother pair of wheels in the fornt and put the string over those to make it like mepains
bunduk (author)  toulvus8 years ago
yes because unlike mepains it has a strong structure so yhe front wont get pulled down
does it shoot more than one bullet at a time or is it justpump action so you call it a shotgun?
bunduk (author)  quincy85wrestler8 years ago
yes tho' i have invented a shotgun round for it
Mad Cat8 years ago
Cool, you posted it all. I geuss I could build it from these pictures.
Kaiven8 years ago
whoa! deja vu! i had that same idea a long time ago, but i never trieded it!
Pat Sowers8 years ago
this looks cool
This one im realy looking foward to but its not done so i cant build it :(
bunduk (author) 8 years ago
sammyb8 years ago
how far does it fire