Introduction: Knex Sidearm

 should i post?


raz3rblade (author)2010-10-27

y is it sideways

cjchan7 (author)2010-05-01

ya but dont ask if you should

muffinslayer2 (author)2010-03-14

I hate people who ask if they should post their gun, if you have to ask its just not worth it

smilee (author)2009-12-12


codongolev (author)smilee2009-12-12

smilee's wrong.

the appropriate response is "absolutely not".

(knex guns are generally looked down upon on instructables. and by looked down upon, I mean despised. everyone hates them. no matter what you search for, there's at least five knex guns in the results. it's annoying. so no. absolutely not.) 


TheDunkis (author)masterochicken2009-12-13

While I agree, that is rather rude. Everything else is welcome except K'nex guns? Cry about it some more and maybe something will happen...but probably not. Just go find that one K'nex blocker thing if it's really that much of a problem to you guys.

codongolev (author)TheDunkis2009-12-13

well... I guess I'm more just thinking or knex handguns. there's that guy that built that knex cannon that shot like, 70 feet or something. that was cool. and that giant gattling gun. but all those pistols that shoot 25 feet are really just kind of annoying. it seems like the same thing over and over. it seems more like a kind of forum topic (like a hobby) instead of something unique that someone else would build and use, which is what I view instructables as. I understand knex guns as a hobby, I just don't see why every knex gun ever made has to be on this website. it's like if everyone started putting up their own designs for a magazine rack. they're all different, but we really only need one.

ant ant 33 (author)codongolev2010-03-10

 aggreed but some knex guns are cool though, repetitive crap sometimes

DJ Radio (author)codongolev2009-12-13

I thought variety was good for people.

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2009-12-13

Tell me though just how much variety do you need? If they can compete, it's variety. If it's just made for the sake of having it, it's garbage.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-12-13

My guess is that he made it to the best of his abilities.  Sure, its not that great, but at least it works and gets a half decent range.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-12-13

Check out my response to codon, it's tight!

chillpill11 (author)2010-01-27

do ur self a favor and dont

DJ Radio (author)2009-12-13

I guess the gun is OK, but there's nothing real special about it.

sak-j (author)2009-12-13

Wat is eigenlijk een matser?

En waarom met suiker?

~KGB~ (author)2009-12-13


Nazgul (author)2009-12-13

 it looks pretty comfortable, but.. meh

stopanator (author)2009-12-12


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