i made a big rifle but i also wanted an effecient small pistol like weapon. here it is!

-easy to make
-holds 11 rounds
-adjustable front sight
-shoots 50 feet with good bands

-rediculously unaccurate
-your hand will sometimes interfier the ram while firing
-ram can sometimes be hard to pull back because it will catch on the ammo

RATING- out of 10

mobility-               ========== (10)
range-                  =======        (6)
accuracy-             ====               (4)
ammo capacity-    =======        (7)

suggested retail price- 10,000 dolphins

Step 1: Handle, Ram and Trigger

sorry, image notes wont save,
pic 1- 10 blue connectors attached with 2 yellow rods
pic 2- make (the black piece on top is a Y connector
pic 3- make
pic 4- attach
pic 5-the top is the mag pusher, the middle is the ram, the bottom is how to make the ram and you can chose between the black or orange piece
not bat at all...
it is a very nice weapon :)
is seleziona ever coming back?
i think so
Not bad for a first gun.

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