this is my sidearm
I made it to complement other guns i will build in the future
i plan to make at least five instructables this summer (please dont hold me to this cause things change)

low peice count
pretty good range for a sidearm (45ft with two brand new rubberbands)

i dont really like how it looks
not super sturdy (but sturdy enough)
long reload time

it has a capacity of 7 grey connectors

Now get to building

Step 1: Handle

this is just your average handle with a little added comfort

1. build two
2. build these
3.add peices from pic 2 to to one of the peices from pic1
4. put the 2nd peice from pic one on
5. build these
6. put them on the side of the hand you hold the gun (ex. if you hold the gun in your right hand put them on the right side) then put a rubberband around them to hold them in place

Step 2: Barrel and Mag

1. build 2
2.put those on one of the peices u just made
3.build it
4.clip it together
5. put the reds on at the bottom do it on both sides
there is also tape on the 3rd and 4th snowflake connector to hold the greens in do that on both sides

Step 3: Trigger, Ram, and Mag Push

build one of each thing
pics 1 and 2 are diff veiws of the trigger
3. build it
4. build it
I cut the end notch thing off the grey rod and I glued the yellow to the Grey rod

Step 4: Assembly

pretty easy
1. handle to barrel
3. ram and mag pusher put in (as if u didnt know where they went)

Step 5: Rubberbands

do what you want with what you have but this is how I did it
srry for blurry pics

Step 6: Your Done!!

Hooray!! go shoot some stuff

play at your own risk
i would love u to kno, this was the first knex gun i EVER built that shot something other than rubber bands ;)
dude epic gun, just rearange the rubber bands, and use the jumbo ones
What is the ammo?
little one way gray connectors<br>
o i almost fotgot i made a knex gun and it broke and hurt my hand real bad :D
I know what you meen dude i did that once but it broke my little finger :(<br>It hurt so bad!<br>To all those knexers out there be careful <br>What if a piece broke off and hit you in the eye? Ouch
that happened to me..
ouch! :(
@ joshadrian that's a lot of o's :P<br><br>it looks awesome but it probably doesn't fire 45 feet because of the friction between the bullets and the barrel slowing down the force and speed of the bullet :3
imade this gun a few months ago, and now improved it a ton. i added a rib, made the handle super comfy, improved the ramrod so that it doesn`t break nearly as easily, and extended the mag to hold ten bullets.
looks pretty convincing to make.
i made it and i didn't have rubber bands so i used silly bands. just use the ones you dont like.<br>
Haha this wastes SO much energy by the fact that the ammo is too small to fit out of the end of the gun... It can get out, but the gun pinches it, making it less accurate and much slower because of friction
it shouldn't pinch the grey connectors if you built it right
this gun is <em><strong>sweet</strong></em>
Awsome gun, nice and accurate and easy to use and not a lot of knex required.
I wonder if this gun shoots farther then this other gun I found on this different website. The gun recommended parents to be around when using. They also said it was the strongest k'nex gun he could find on the interent. The weird thing is, he said it shoots 40ft. lol. This gun is way better.
&nbsp;its actually not bad :) nice job. 5 stars
does it shoot accurate and far?
well as it says at the begining it shot 45ft with 2 brand new 64#'s and i never really tested for accuracy but i could shoot an area of around 1 square feet from about 20 feet away
&nbsp;This is great, just made it... Very good 5.5!!! Luv it .... Plz M8k One That Doesn't fire tht type of ammo as i dont have many of them... TY!
&nbsp;so awesome and&nbsp;versatile&nbsp;not to mention the mag can be extended with some work, this gun is&nbsp;definitely worth building and very powerful, but you are going to have to hot glue the ram rod, which is no big deal becuz u can get it off, and u can use it 4 other guns.&nbsp;
&nbsp;mag can be expanded, simple to figure out. if you are a&nbsp;convenience&nbsp;kind of person.
&nbsp;sooooo awesome!!!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Does it shoot those grey things and not roads?
Hey, just so you know, neikeorge120 is my best friend and taught me all these words
dude i made it and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome
this gun is awesome i made it
It kinda reminds me of the Jamassault pistol. Anyways, its pretty decent, but average. 3.5*
How come you rated the Jamassault 3* lol and this 3.5*?<br/>
I thought I gave the Jamassault 3.5 too.

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