Picture of knex sidearm RSN-33
knex sidearm 022.jpg
knex sidearm 022.jpg
this is my sidearm
I made it to complement other guns i will build in the future
i plan to make at least five instructables this summer (please dont hold me to this cause things change)

low peice count
pretty good range for a sidearm (45ft with two brand new rubberbands)

i dont really like how it looks
not super sturdy (but sturdy enough)
long reload time

it has a capacity of 7 grey connectors

Now get to building
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Step 1: Handle

this is just your average handle with a little added comfort

1. build two
2. build these
3.add peices from pic 2 to to one of the peices from pic1
4. put the 2nd peice from pic one on
5. build these
6. put them on the side of the hand you hold the gun (ex. if you hold the gun in your right hand put them on the right side) then put a rubberband around them to hold them in place

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
knex sidearm 015.jpg
knex sidearm 016.jpg
pretty easy
1. handle to barrel
3. ram and mag pusher put in (as if u didnt know where they went)

Step 6: Your done!!

Picture of your done!!
Hooray!! go shoot some stuff

play at your own risk
ramzone24 years ago
wtf how much tape do u need in this project ? and also last step what did u mean
rosenstyle (author)  ramzone24 years ago
theres tape over the two green rods. (look inside the yellow box, you should see them)