this is a VERY RELIABLE KNEX SLINGSHOT gun mechanism i will post on how to make if u want me to. i by all means give evryone to use this mech without askin
Because the ammo slides off of it making it more smooth I would say yes. Just stick it in a pencil sharpened that's what I did
does it have to be sharpened?
same mech as most of lownys sling guns <br>
I like it. <br> <br>Im making an mp40, any ideas for rapid fire?? <br> <br>
It's not even yours.
proof? :P
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_sling_shot_gun/">DJ knows what he is talking about. More so than you.</a>
Notice the &quot;:P&quot; that implies that i'm kidding. i thought that was obvious but thanks for the link.
Oh sorry.
i've done it before him <br>
I know I am on your side.
i know i just wanted to try to get it out their,should have asked him. If want me to delte i will. sorry
thanks <br> <br>minimill
no prob =D
That does look reliable. 4.5* and a =D
thanks <br> <br>minimill

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