Knex Ph-57 Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Knex Ph-57 Sniper Rifle

This is a knex rifle with,what i think, is a new trigger system...

good range(100+ FT)
no broken pieces
true trigger

low fire rate(meh... slingshot guns are the only knex guns with a good range)

Here are the instructions, hope you enjoy ( :

Step 1: Barrel

1.make two 2.make ten 3.make two 4.put together two of these 5.add these 6.make one of these 7.add these 8.put together 9.add these 10.add the middle should have this 12.add these 13.side view spacers 15.add this 16.add it to the other side 17.add this 18.add two of these 19.the final result

Step 2: Everything Else

1.make two of these 2.add a rod 3.make this 4.make two of these 5.add the rods 6.make this 7.combine 8.get these 9.add here 10.and here 11.make this 12.put it here 13.the trigger 14.add a blue rod 15.combine 16.what it should look like 17.add another blue rod 18.add two blue rods 19.add the sight 20.the back 21.get these 22.make this 23.make this 24.also make this 25.combine 26.slide the combination on to the green rod 27.snap into place 28.start of safety 29.add tan clip 30.add metallic blue connector 31. add wheels for comfort 32.add rb result

Step 3: Assembly

sooooo easy

Step 4: Loading and Firing

I hope this helps



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I got about 90 ft range while using a yellow rod and 3 #32 bands in line.


how do you get the gray rod to grab the trigger

i still cant get the trigger to work wher the orange box part is

very nice gun 5555555555555 across the board

 cool nice job :) 4 stars

Barrel looks weak.

Its not,when i load it i cant see any bending,but what does need improvement is the sights, can someone make an accurate sight??

The barrel is a skeleton.  Thats why I say what I do.