a small knex snake by me

Step 1:

the pieces

Step 5:

Is it a cobra?... :D
Of course not! It's a Co-nex-bra! :-D
Now, i am not saying this isn't a good 'ible.<br /> <br /> People of the knexing community want builds with a point. By that, i mean&nbsp;somehing that has a use of some kind, guns for knex wars etc.<br /> Something innovative, that may be complicated to build.
Guns are innovative? Really? Plastic sticks firing plastic sticks is all I see. I think that for a first I'ble that ISN'T a gun, this pretty good! 5*****
Go bark up the right tree...
I was only trying to compliment him! I didn't mean to offend you, I'm very sorry.
How old are you?
nooo <br /> i can't even build this<br /> i don't have those rare ball socket things
it doesn't even look like a snake...<br />
....point?<br />
meh...<br />

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