Knex Pistol Extremely Aurate





Introduction: Knex Pistol Extremely Aurate

This Instructable will show you how to make an extremely accurate and powerful knex pistol rifle that can shoot knex rods 25-40ft.

Step 1: Building the Barel

It will take 27 yellow pieces ,2 gray rods ,1 black rod, 4 yellow rods ,and 4 ornge rods

Step 2: Building the Second Part of the Barel

this is the part that gives the gun the acurisy you will need 16 yellows, 2 yellow rods, 16 orange rods ,5 blue rods, 3 white rods ,and 2 red rods acutisy

Step 3: Building the Site and Mini Guns

You will need to make two mini guns. Fore this step you will need 18 yelow ,4 yelow rods, 2 loop like things ,4 black connectors ,4 ornge rods, 4 blue rods ,2 white snow flakes ,2 blue things ,2 mini black rods , and 2 reds

Step 4: Finshing Toch

put the barrel and tripod on then the mini guns and site on. make sure when putting the rubber bands on you balance the rod



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    if you want real power and accuarcy try this VIPER1's mini sniper rifle-5(msr-5)

    if you want REAL POWER build I Am Canadian's cannon 1.

    hm....looks more like a crossbow, I'm just saying.

    I mean it's a block trigger.

    I can only think of one con; no trigger but the rest is ,like, really really awsome

    Gee this gun is extremely aurate. Lolz
    And you did a nice finishing toch to it.
    And I like it since it's a pistol rifle Not really i was wondering what a pistol rifle is anyways

    make dsman195276 crossbow i mod by alot to make it stronger but his better o think butbecker is still god i tried messedup couple times though hehe.