This is a knex sniper rifle i made. This uses Oblivitus' concept 6A5. single bullet load that dont lock in the grooves, watch the video i have. hope ya like

Just so you know, this is for looks, not very powerful


<p>nice gun, can you check out mine? I made a block trigger(yes I know horrible)</p><p>Sniper rifle that really fun to play around with gets 60-70 with 3 rubber bands</p>
great gun!! I love the stock, it is the best I have seen for a while!!
Yeah it's an ok stock.
Thanks :)
I like it!
Me to :D <br>
What kinda firing mech does it use?
or do you mean by trigger?
it was kind of like a bolt action
If you don't post this then I will kill you with the cannon I just made.<br /> Please post, 5*,Fav,Subbed.
i got a new one. you know deadmeat? his shell action sniper rifle, i made it once, but more of a shotgun cuz i didnt have enough pieces, but i made it again, and made it look like and even more epic sniper rifle that uses shells, it should be up soon. =)
Can you guess a date when it's done?
ya, i keep forgetting to do it, but ill try asap
Ok, thanks.=]
all depends on ratings and views my man<br />
&nbsp;How many views/ratings does this need to get posted?
cant, internet went out for a while, and i got uber bored, so its gone, i can rebuild it later, i memorized<br />
chec k out my channel! www.instructables.com/member/mberg if i get enough comments i will make a gun that doesn't need a plunger or any type of pulleing back thing
<p>If it's for looks, it looks awesome. I love the stock. Is it based of another gun, or did you just made it without an example?</p>
straight up scratch<br />
Sweet cool!!!!!!!!! nice<br />
thanks<br />
Your welcome<br />
Dude, this looks awesome!!!<br /> 5*, but there is no video there!
huh?<br />
you said there is no video there<br />
Oh, I saw the video right after I said that XD
lol<br />
its not even rated, it says not rated<br />
why didn't you put all the stuff in one ible instead of a video <em>and </em> a slideshow?<br />
idk actually<br />
nice! 5*<br />
cool<br />

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