this is it, the sniper rifle from halo

Step 1: Make the Back Side of the Sniper

first you gone to make the back side of the sniper

Step 2: Make the Body of the Sniper

now you gone to make the body of the sniper

Step 3: Make the Barrel

now you gone to make the barrel

Step 4: Make the Rest of the Barrel

now you gone to make the rest of the barrel

Step 5: Make the Top and the Scope of the Sniper

now you gone to make the top and the scope of the sniper

Step 6: Make the Mag and the Bi Pod Xstr Things for the Halo Look

now you gone to make the mag and the bi pod and exstra things for the halo look

Step 7: Put on the Trigger Machanisem

put this on the sniper machanisem
im asking everone the same question, so can you make this gun ( its my fav :) )
It's a British L85 assault rifle.
Nope it is a Halo sniper rifle
I think sum1 should build a working FAMAS
what do the letters in FAMAS stand for? i know the first F and A (French Assualt) but not the others
French Assault Manufactured Awsome S***
AKA Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes its french
ok thanks
theres a working 1 on you tube its maybe the iw 80 a2 besides it easy to make it bullpup
lol i tried...and failed
enfield in black ops!!
That isn't the Enfield, thats the L86 LSW. :P
i could
a Tavor is similar (mag behind the handle)<br/>look<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Tavor_TAR_21/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Tavor_TAR_21/</a><br/>but yes i could<br/>
dude they look nothing alike
they look alike<br />
similar concept with the bul-pup design, which is the firing mechanism behind the actual grip of the gun allowing it to have a longer barrel and greater accuracy (in the real world :P), so they have a similar internal design, such as mag placement and bolt, but different body styles....
L85...nice. Fairly common in the airsoft community.
can i just correct you its the SA80 wich is the british army rifel and you are thinking of the l98 which is a semi-automatic whitch is used by sea, air and army cadets in britian
The SA80 is the carbine version (meanung it is shorter) I think they shrank the barrel from 12 to 8 inches if Im not mistaken do not correct me because I have a book on this and I am right
theres an SA80, SA80 lsw, and then an SA80 carbine, which has just had the barrel cut short. there all versions of the original gun. Sa80 stands for Small Arms of the 1980's. i know all this because i spend a lot of time learning all the facts, how to shoot and shooting them all with the ACF in the UK. theres also a GL or something but i've no idea how that one is special. does it have a built in Grenade Launcher or something?
Oh...wikipedia says they are the same thing.
yes. But your mistake is "wikepedia says" lol. Anyone cango in and edit that stuff
OMG the IW 80 A2 from socom!! i know its not the real name
<p>*Ahem* From real life you mean.</p>
thats the real name? wow...i didnt know that<br />
i will have a try at building it ok but i will have 2 have a bit of time ok o yer do u won't a scoop on it or a handl ?
you might want to work on your english
the L85A1?
u try it im trying this sniper
i believe j-chode! made one
i can give it try........ ill have to get back to you if i do
i was actually working on one, but i ran out of pieces, so i might make it at one point or another.
I'm building a bull pup rifle but i still have a lot of work to its not even close the that its so big.
the sa80 good choice
lol L85A1?
Imagine if this thing was REAL!!!! I would so be a sniper then!
nice sniper
somebodyshould make a dmr
you shouldent place a pic of the actual gun after your, it makes the game artists and producers look bad ;)
EVERYBODY...................TYPE IN MP40 STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks like a swordfish XDXDXD
forgot the bi-pod if you dont believe me look for an image with a bi pod on the sniper<br>
its that orange piece
does that first layer have to be white connectors

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