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Introduction: Knex Sniper Rifle From Halo

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

this is it, the sniper rifle from halo

Step 1: Make the Back Side of the Sniper

first you gone to make the back side of the sniper

Step 2: Make the Body of the Sniper

now you gone to make the body of the sniper

Step 3: Make the Barrel

now you gone to make the barrel

Step 4: Make the Rest of the Barrel

now you gone to make the rest of the barrel

Step 5: Make the Top and the Scope of the Sniper

now you gone to make the top and the scope of the sniper

Step 6: Make the Mag and the Bi Pod Xstr Things for the Halo Look

now you gone to make the mag and the bi pod and exstra things for the halo look

Step 7: Put on the Trigger Machanisem

put this on the sniper machanisem



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    im asking everone the same question, so can you make this gun ( its my fav :) )

    19 replies

    I think sum1 should build a working FAMAS

    what do the letters in FAMAS stand for? i know the first F and A (French Assualt) but not the others

    French Assault Manufactured Awsome S***

    AKA Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes its french

    theres a working 1 on you tube its maybe the iw 80 a2 besides it easy to make it bullpup

    lol i tried...and failed

    enfield in black ops!!

    That isn't the Enfield, thats the L86 LSW. :P

    dude they look nothing alike

    they look alike

    similar concept with the bul-pup design, which is the firing mechanism behind the actual grip of the gun allowing it to have a longer barrel and greater accuracy (in the real world :P), so they have a similar internal design, such as mag placement and bolt, but different body styles....