Knex Sniper Rifle: Gp 1.0




Introduction: Knex Sniper Rifle: Gp 1.0

this sniper shoots grey rods with red connectors attached. it´s a very powerfull sniper. it`s shoots through a shoe box. my brother and i made it.

Step 1: The Barrel

just follow the pic´s

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

follow the pic`s

Step 3: The Stock

follow the pic`s ............ again

Step 4: The Scope, the Ammo and a Trigger Guard

the scope is very simple. just get 2 white connectors, 4 grey rods, 2 y connectors and tape. and look at the pic how to do it.



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you have to pull the rubberbands on the front back to the white connector and put them behind the white connector so they stay there. then you have to put a bullet in the barrel. and then just pull the trigger

i'm sorry about the earlier comment. It is acually a good sniper and was my favorite one after I finished getting mad about it and completed it.

LATE cuz before this message i knew how to shooot it then i destroyed it

its ok then other peeps will knoe how to shoot it :)

Very nice, but can he real shoot?

sorry about my bad english :-)