this sniper shoots grey rods with red connectors attached. it´s a very powerfull sniper. it`s shoots through a shoe box. my brother and i made it.
did u add another layer of the bottom connecters to it so theres no friction or did u add blue rings i am trying to make a gun like that but the friction slows it down
could have been busted if u hit the clock or the antiqe houses! <br>
:) <br>
coooooooool post
He did post this able.<br>
i said this long before
het geweer is wel goed maar de naam niet:p
wat maakt de naam nou uit
helemaal absoluut nada noppes niks!!!!!! mogen, wij obn ers geen grappen meer maken?? je bent gewoon een #$%$&amp;^**$$%!!!! ps:obn is onbekende nederlanders:p
en dus???
It looks a tiny bit more powerful than a real gun
poooooooooooost so cooooooool

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