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Introduction: Knex Sniper Rifle

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knex sniper rifle that shoots 40 to 50 feet. comment and tell me if i should post.



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    2 replies

    I destroyed it a long time ago. Why would you want to build this when there's so much better stuff anyways?

    cuz it looks cool

    Thanks for being nice, haha

    Just fairly flimsy around the handle, otherwise very accurate and sturdy gun nice work! =)

    dude post it but you might wanna change it from sling shot to somthing better sling shots can backfire plus no good for sniping i got hit in the eye the sling shot backfired and it took the scope off into my eye

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    Looks really flimsy too, the rods connecting the butt to the grip could break with a twist :P
    My sniper rifle SR70A1 (Soon to be up) is a lot better than this.

    depending on the type of ammo and how you load it with tell wether your gun backfires or not. my sniper rifle would backfire, but i started using killerks srv-1 s ammo , and it worked fine

    naw i built it because of the slingshot; i wanted to build something more interesting than a block trigger and something that was powerful. also, i have had that problem with the rubber band breaking and all. it didnt get me in the eye but it got my thumb real good lol. besides that thing is long gone anyways

    i reckon u should post it :)

    needs a lot of work, what does it shoot? You are the only one who knows whether it is worth posting!

    btw post it

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    yes, it does look bad, but its very accurate. it shoots red connectors

    it shoots red connectors????

    yes, red connectors. not rods, connectors. btw, tell me if i should post.

    uh...why make it shoot connectors?

    because it gives the rubber band something to hold on to, as this is a slingshot type gun. i used it because it doesnt use exotics.