ideal for snipers and brilliant accuracey

Step 1: 1

start with the 2 blue connecters and the 6 grey rods

Step 2: 2

add green rods at the bottom

Step 3: Name This Step

grey connecters

Step 4: 4


Step 5: You Have Now Finished

you have finished the scope
I would also like to know how you would put this on a cross-bow? <br>
really neat design, do you think you could shorten the rods to red?
i like to get straight to the point: its crap.
you can just take the bendy gray rods, put them on too circles with little black hands, one on each end, suround half of the circle. then put too circles without little black hands on them in the center, then finish with the other half, its a good scope, looks cool.
yeah, but it doesn't have that sleek look to it, and gives it a sort of babyish look. Just my opinion, but still...
ye you could
Im sorry but i dont think we need an instructable for a scope. If anything it should be a forum.
uh yea we do
uh no we don't. scopes have to be tailored to the gun they are put on so that they work.
uh yea we do
why? a scope on a knex gun is really pointless. you can't have a knex gun be accurate because the bullet will drop. they only reason you would have one would to make it look good but if that is the case it has to be tailored to the gun to look right.
yep good hu
do you ever say anything positive?
heh heh, his name is the COMPLETE opposite of his personality
Prettumuch :-p
Yea sometimes I was just telling him that it should belong in a forum.
isn't this pretty much looking down a really long tube of knex? because that doesn't really count as a scope to me...
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Pinhole sights are sometimes good for real bullets but not always - for knex it is not good.
not bad I like it looks perfect on my sniper
Thanks for the scope! I'm making a small version for my gun right now. :)<br/><br/><strong>Cheers!</strong><br/>
i like this scope! thanks
i like your guns
"a scope is only as accurate as the gun it's on"

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