Introduction: Knex Spider Splatter Sorry George

this is the first little gun i have posted all the guns i have made before have been very powerfull you will be suprised at the power this gun can be made to do it fires about 35 ft with 3 elastic bands made smaller by twisting them i am not getting sued by any spiders you injure with this gun rofl
good range for size
hurts when fires at little brothers
ammo never ever jams impossible
makes the right thumb sore from the trigger being in the top of the gun
sometimes the trigger jams
but other than that it is a very good little gun

Step 1: Parts List

these are the parts you will need to collect not a lot of parts need dont worry just look at the notes the rubber bands dont have to be excact

Step 2: The Barrel

this is very easy to do i will give you some advice dont just put the connectors on one rod put them on bot at the same time it is easier
the parts go like this listen carefully from the rear end it goes
red 1 quarter moon x6, then yellow half moon x1then on the left red rod it is a grey half ladder pointing in wards slightly to line up with the bottom of the yellow half moon connector, then on the same rod a triangle with the hole lined up with the others then red 1 quarter moon x8 then a half moon x2

Step 3: The Trigger

this step is very easy to do get the trigger from the parts mound and add it to a red rod put the spacers as i show you and repeat on the other side just without the trigger

Step 4: Adding the Rubber Bands

grab one rubber band and twist it twice like you would with a bobble and add to the trigger as shown then grab the other 3 rubber bands an twist twicethen put on the ram rod as shown then you are done dont kill george please !!!! aaarrrggghhh he is so scary he is sat on my hand eeewww


knexboy586 made it!(author)2012-09-26

the mask creeps me out not the spider

Shadowman39 made it!(author)2009-11-03

That spider looks creepy :-P.

callumlewin made it!(author)2009-11-04

you gessed that right ever seen a camel spider look at this if you think george is creepy           

182515 made it!(author)2010-02-10
mettaurlover made it!(author)2010-02-07

I think he's enjoying it...

Shadowman39 made it!(author)2009-11-04

I wouldn't want to be that guy.

brammeke11 made it!(author)2009-11-18

 Yh, I dont wanna be that guy either.
Look at his nose, its filthy

Shadowman39 made it!(author)2009-11-18


chopstx made it!(author)2009-11-03

Ooh. Chills.

callumlewin made it!(author)2009-11-04

you should have a look as well    up 1 comment

chopstx made it!(author)2009-11-04

I can totally imagine that guy screaming "what is this sticky white stuff in my nose? Oh no!"

Acepilot42 made it!(author)2010-02-07

kill george! kill george! kill george! kill george! kill george! KILL GEORGE! you should have shown the splatter.

RMConstruction made it!(author)2009-11-10


Just Nada.


Close DIscussion.

End of.

Don't reply.

Loosewire%3B+SOE+Operative made it!(author)2009-11-05

I really do not understand the spider's relevance.

Raz1r+Knex+Bull3t made it!(author)2009-11-02

post something worth posting we already know how to make this

callumlewin made it!(author)2009-11-03

nobody i know has made this gun i never copied it off of anyone it is my own idea

Mr.+Muggle made it!(author)2009-11-03

you should have a good picture of the actual splatter as your main image

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