Knex Spin Grenade




Introduction: Knex Spin Grenade

this is a knex spin grenade: 
you will need these:
26 orange connecters (i used brown ones)
4 metalic blue connecters
rods: one red rod
and a wind up wheel spinner

NOTE: this grenade is awesome and can hurt

Step 1: Pieces

the pix will show you the amount you need or you can go to the intro

Step 2: Putin' the "blue Balls" Together

nothin to say
OH i got something

yo momma is so dumb she sat on the tv and watched the couch

Step 3: The Genterator, the Blue Balls and the Rod

 yo momma is so dumb she took a rler to bed to see how long she slept

Step 4: Orange Connecters to the Balls


Step 5: TADA!!!!!!

the finished product
just wind up and throw



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Although the grenade looks cool. I don't have that wind-up thingy, though, which is the main problem with building it.

You noob. Your name is grotle and your pic is a bulbasaur.

subbed (lol no comment)

I don't think this could hurt anyone, unless you simply throw the red rod really hard at someone....

it does hurt i threw it up in the air at my cousin and he got hurt

12 years old hes very strong

Interesting new grenade concept, really cool! I rate five stars, and belive me; I don't rate that often!

Oh, too bad. Normally, I would change the rating to a 4.5, but if you don't want me to, that's fine.