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Introduction: Knex Splodies Grenade Launcher

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yes! its the new splodies grenade launcher, yes i am fed up with block triggers and copy guns so i tried to think outside the box-and this is what i found.
it is capable of launching splodies intact over walls, long distances e.t.c. well get to it!

Step 1: What You Need...

this is what you wull need ps:i got the piece count right this time! :)

Step 2: Build the Launcher!

you will now build the pivoting launcher which will tilt to allow the arms to toss the splodie grenade these parts

2.attach them together with a blue rod (part A) these parts

4.add them to part A these parts

6.attach them to part A like this the splodie grenade track (this is part B)

8.collect these parts

9.attach them together like this(this is part C) (sorry i fogot the grey connectors in the previous picture -.-) this part(this is part D)

11.attach 3 green rods to part D

12.attach 2 red connectors to part D

Step 3: Attach the Parts Together!

1.attach part C to part D like this

2-3.attach part C+D to part with 2 blue spacers and 2 red connectors like this.

4-5.attach part A+C+D to part B like this

Step 4: Attach the Rubberbands and Learn How to Use

1. this is what you will need

2. you attach them like this

to use you need to first prime the splodie grenade by taking off the rubberbands (the amount of times i have wasted them cause of this) and carefully put it down now you need to pull the grenade track all the way back till it stops the put your thumb on the yellow connector with white rods and pressure so that it locks in the white connectors now pick up the splodie grenade and lay it on the tracks the base resting on the yellow connector on the tracks and then move it so that the tracks are parrallel to the floor and release! watch the splodie grenade fly through the air and hit an unsuspecting person.

i hope you have enjoyed my second instructable cause i enjoyed making it and if you like this i may post my true semi auto... bye!



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    The SPLODIES GRENADE goes on the rails...

    Oh, and this one is added too

    nice iu give it a 5******

    ummm how do I fire this? I don't get it.

    hey i modded this i got 70 feet! i also made it fire strate! this is my new candy launcher for halloween!!!!

    and i still dont get how to fire it i think you should make a video....or change the discription if yiou can i

    once you have made it you should be able to figure it out :)

    the problem is that mine only shots like 6 feet and if i try to add more rubber bands it breaks =(

    What is a "splodie grenade"? And i f its an instructable will you put a link to it?

    2 replies

    Also there is a less complex splodie grenade. Just search "splodie"

    click on my name to see it