Knex Springfield Sniper Rifle




Introduction: Knex Springfield Sniper Rifle

this is by far my best designed gun that ive made. it is very accurate and with a good rubber band it has a good range(40-50 ft.). the stock is durable and the handle i designed to look like the springfields. it is top loaded and shoots white rods. it is bolt action.  and it is equipped with a removable bipod. overal it is a good gun. if you would like instructions just comment and ill get them to you. hope you like my knex springfield sniper rifle.



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    That ISN'T a bolt action. It doesn't feature a magazine, from which one bullet is separated into a separate chamber for the shot. This doesn't do that. It isn't bolt action. NO WAY could a white rod go 45-50 ft with a #64 rubber band. This looks NOTHING LIKE a Springfield .30-06! We don't want instructions. This isn't a post-worthy gun. And that, is the truth. Sorry.

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    +1 That gun is extremely terrible.

    This gun sucks


    its good but it seemes too madern day to be a Springfield


    at least you tried 2.5

    not great...but you dit the best you could (i think) so ill rate it a 4* couse i like the gun ''kinds'' you make

    actually it is if you look at a pic of one youll see it has the same overal look just that mine is a little broader int the stock and trigger area, so shut yo mouth

    i did look at a pic and it looked nothin like 1

    is tht good

    no, you need to improve it