Picture of knex sprint car
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this is a knex sprint car soon to be rc jut need to make new motor mount
jay-dogg2 years ago
where did u get the rear wheels snd tires? i looked on the knex website and the didnt have anything like them. and i love it the cars look awesome
Where did you get those wheels
KNEX-pert3 years ago
Nice! That car is AWESOME! Five star rating! =)
choctapus4 years ago
thats kool
jingo694 years ago
NICE! 4.5*/5!
ama14514 years ago
it is cool wel you show mi ho toe bild
I have a hot wheel of this car, why is the spoiler so gigantic?

Looks like a lot of fun to drive.
lukas rider4 years ago
that is so cool .mine sucks
~KGB~4 years ago
thats sick!