Knex Stand Up Car





Introduction: Knex Stand Up Car

here is a stand up k'nex roller coaster car for every one on

it holds 2 k'nex people per car it can you can make two per car but it dose not fit properly in the back seat of each car.

build this as many times as you have coaster cars.

Step 1: Build It the seats
2.insert it in to the cart
3.insert people




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    I made a car for flying coasters. I might most it, it's not that complicated.

    btw flying coasters are the ones like the super man ride

    I might post a ible. Or a slideshow. Oh yeah and i'm also build my fourth coaster. And I hope my siblings don't break it.... Again T.T (at least i have it in the attic, that might help)

    You aren't on ssc are you? I'd also like to see some pics of the coaster.

    No, not yet. Erm.... That was number #4 to die. (XD) But I do have a new woodie coming up soon.

    grr I lost my sd card. i will find it sooner or later.

    I tried using this car and it didn't work so great.

    ah yeah I think I know what you mean. take about 20 pennies and tape/glue them together in stacks of 4 and then tape them all together in a square. then tape them to the bottom of the car. That will even out the weight. If that doesn't it's because I stank at building coaster stuff back then.

    That's cool. I wonder if there's any way to make an hanging car?