Knex Stargate Gate Room



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Introduction: Knex Stargate Gate Room

this is a knex version of the scifi tv show stargate. it is the stargate command gate room. i used mostly knex and for the walls i used grey card stock. i hope you guys enjoy it!
 any comments or ideas please send me them so i can improve it thanks!



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    You should change the first picture to the one that you built, it looks like you built it just like the real thing, but it does need some improvement

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    I ment to say that when you had the first picture of the real thing, it looked like it was a real replica, but this looks barely like it, knex isnt a good medium for detailed stuff.

    hey thanks guys and thank you for the input i think i will change it to the one i built but which pic should i change it to? i have so many that are good

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    i have moded the gate and the ramp i have put on some connectors to the gate in the ring and if you turn those you can put the blue connectors on and it makes kind of a star that could be the event horizon. ill put pics up
    and plz comment on how it loks now i need input so please make suggestions


    Ummm...that needs some work. It's rather skeleton-y and lacking in detail necessary to the look. I can dig the creative idea, though, so I encourage you to keep working on it.