hi this instructable is to show how to build a very simple knex rubber band gun for starters and yes this probably can be used in battle.:):):) enjoy!!!

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                                      I'M NOT AFRAID TO FLAG ANY MEAN COMMENTS!

Step 1: Pieces

these r the pieces u need

Step 2: The Building Part

ok get the square little lego piece and connect it on the bottom of the long lego piece then get the bright yellow/green piece and put it in the middle of the long lego piece. then get the red knex piece and connect it to the bright yellow/green piece.then get one of the short green pieces and connect it to the red knex piece then connect the blue circle piece and connect it to the short green piece connected onto the red piece. get the long skinny blue piece and connect it to the top of the blue circle then connect the orange piece the the long blue skinny piece connected onto the blue circle. then connect the other short green piece to the orange piece then connect the grey piece to the short skinny green piece,face down.

Step 3: FIRING!!

get the rubber band (has to be kinda small to go far) and stretch it from the grey piece to the back of the red piece. then flick the rubber band off the red piece with ur thumb and it should go really far HOPE U LIKED IT COMMENT ALL U WANT!!!
looks gd tell da h8ers woteva im a beginner too and i understand whatya mean
thanks man
i think its cool <br>
No comment.
the barell is a stick, it would break if you dropped it..... and theres nothing good about it, no trigger too.
hey please be nice this guy is my friend you have been making guns a long time he just started go easy on him
hey man thanks
hey i just thought of something where would we be in knex guns if no one started making them. even if the guns are lame or stupid like some people say it allowed innovation to start
You can't start something that's already started. Posting something that would have been innovative seven years ago does nothing in terms of advancement. I understand that we all have to start somewhere but...this is kind of pushing it.
why is that funny
ive dropped it and it didnt break its knex..theyre strong
it fires pretty far too and its powerful
like 20ft?
about mabey more
ya but it the smaller the rubber baand the farther it goes its not used for heavy bands
Mine is better.
Are you kidding me? Single shot is so last year. Mine has a magazine and is soooo compact.<br><br>
dude mine is WAY better thats just a stick with a rubberband on it
So is yours, bud.
hey be nice his is cool it is his first one
Yes, indeed it is, lol.
This aint no starter gun....
be nice
This is my first knex gun but it's super easy what makes u think that???
The quality is horrific. There are way better starter guns that shoot rods that are better statistically and structurally.
ya ik this is my first gun slow it down
is he like &quot;kool&quot;???
How does it fire?
It's an RBG that you fire by manually removing the rubber band on one end. It's like firing it with your hand...except slightly less convenient.
That wasn't a compliment...
you flick it off the end with ur thumb

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