Knex Stiletto





Introduction: Knex Stiletto

adding to the collection of knex knives

Step 1: Pieces

the pieces you need:

18 yellows
1 red
1 grey
1 green connecter
29 green rods
4 blue rods
12 oranges
6 tans
4 dark greys
4 black smalls
4 spacers
8 whites
2 rubber bands

Step 2: The Knife Blade

not that hard to figure out.

Step 3: The Making of a Handle

make four yellow assemblies, the the orange ones.

take 3 whites, and 1 blue and attach as shown

repeat, and you should end up with the last pic.

Step 4: The Making of a Handle(cont.)

make the thing you see down there, it is the thing that keeps the blade in, and hook them on as shown.

Do that on both sides

make two of what you see in the bottom right hand corner and set them aside.

put the four greens in and attach the little deals you made earleier.

Step 5: Almost Done

your gonna have to take off one of the orange pieces to get the blade in.

put the rubber bands on as shown, then hook it on the white piece on the blade

Step 6: Locking

push the blade allthe way down and slide the last blue rod yo hold it in as shown.

push it on the side, and ssshhick! it slides out!

tell me how u like it!



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    one question what does this have to do with a stileto

    aren't stileto's shoes???

    a stiletto is usually a kind of switchblade

    actually a stiletto is a blade shape read number 6 of patterns of knife blades at:

    I Was Very Offended By Your Piece Count...

    this is basically just a white rod magazine for guns with a blade in it (what a great idea)

    Stilettos are supposed to be symmetrical lengthwise.

    i made this and i easly converted it to a butterfly knife but when it was a switch i made my little brohter half cry only

    lol only make your brother half cry.