hi this is my new knex anti vehicle thing. its based of the stinger but because of the bad idea of sharping your knex and the puncturing tyeres seemed like a waste of parts. so this ones designed to wrap around the tire and stop the tire moving. it is not designed to stop tanks but my other stuff will be( I am building and posting a knex border check point it has Belgian gates ,anti tank stuff and a mini greanade lancher click www.instructables.com/id/knex-check-point/
What excactly does it do?
it catches in the wheels of knex vehicles and stops most movenent<br />
Great... though i'm pretty sure a wall can acomplish the same task
yeah but this looks cooler than a wall<br />
Ok... A little bit odd, but creative. 3.5 stars.
thanks<br />
nice!<br />
thanks im posting the whole check point in 10 mins<br />
no problem! nice!<br />
its posted<br />
cool<br />
sweet! is that knexfreak95s old avatar?<br />
&nbsp;yup he asked me i he could have now thats class right there

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