Knex Strong Monney Box





Introduction: Knex Strong Monney Box

this is my knex strong monney box. i built this because i needed somwhere to put lots of change i have. it is realy strong and has a secret way of opening it. it can hold alot of coins but it may be hard to pull paper monney out. i think this is the first knex monney box on the whole of the internet (again)!!! if people have trouble working out how to open it i will add a video (i will make it smaller this time). have fun building.  :)

wow i got 47 views and 2 ratings and 4 comments in 2:30 hours on this 1 instructable!!!

i have done some small changes to it making it stronger and allowing you to use paper monney and it has a small hole to put coins in through but some times the coins can fall out. should i post it as a update???

lol i edited it a bit more and now it is a one-way monney box!!! seriously i cant get it open!

Step 1: Piece Count

this uses a hell of alot of blue rods and red connectors so get the following pieces ready...

4 yellow rods                     ha this uses no pieces at all...

43 blue rods                       thats not so bad...

92 red connectors             i retake my last 2 statments...

Step 2: Build All of This Stuff

just build the stuff.

Step 3: Add Rods Where Shown

add rods where shown.

Step 4: Assembly

do as the pictures say and your done

Step 5: Opening and Closing

this part may be hard to understand.



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    It was very hard on my hands. When I was done I had blisters all over my hands.

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have hardley any reds so I had to use green and yellow connectors:( and it was made wiht only blue rods no yellows. Bus still awesome.

    i made it a year ago and it sits on my self and check this one i made also a comparison


    I made it smaller with some white rods and such...XDDDD

    i made it 3 months ago and i still have it, it's amazing!

    I now have it for a year :D

    kool! Cant make yet though, workin on ur safe, it so cool!

    I got to the impossible square. Not really fair to do that when people have FireFox plugins to remove note squares.

    Where do I get the plugins.