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this is the mkII version of my knex supercar, it is very similar to the mkI version but it has some differences.there are a few visual changes to the body.the engine has been revised aswell, the mkI engine was a model v10 with no turbochargers or superchargers but now ive built a large belt-driven supercharger onto it.hopefuly you will be able to build it.

future plans include a twin-turbo conversion for the engine in my blue extreme v8 knex car thats is shown in one of my instructables.also maybe a mkIII but im not sure, if i did make a mkIII it would have two superchargers or two turbocharges and a few more visual changes.

Step 1: Step 1- the Basic's.

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this step shows what you need to do/have done in order to start the mkII, first as always you will need to have built most of the chassis.refer to the photos for more info.

Step 2: Step 2- Visual Changes.

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here you will be shown the visul changes and how to make them.remember to refer always the yellow boxes as they contain helpful information.

Step 3: Step 3- the Engine.

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the engine for the mkII, same as the mkI but this one will have a large supercharger system.

Step 4: Step 4- Adding the New Rear Fender.

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now you should be able to put the rear fender on. it all connects in the same way as the mkI.look at the pictures and the boxes for more info.

Step 5: Step 5- Finishing It Off.

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now you should have it pretty much done here are some photos of the finished product.

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