Knex Suspension Buggy in Action!!!



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Introduction: Knex Suspension Buggy in Action!!!

About: some months i am highly active and other months i will only be on like...never sooo dont expect many other instructables from me! please visit my youtube tho i am on that everyday! Visit both my youtube ...

I made this about 7 months ago. since then, it has been changed a lot and each time it got better and better. i put steering on it about 2 months ago. there is a lot of tape because i used a lot of "modified" (broken) bnex peices. they dont hold together very well. at the end of the video the front left wheel axle popped out, of course being held in by tape...

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    Please do dude. This is the best buggy i've seen on here and really wanna make it :)

    no problem!

    id have to build it from the pics, cause i took it apart. ill let you know when i get to work on it

    =D kk

    your pic is MW3? boo sir


    You're welcome!