Knex Swich Blade and Wolverine Claws





Introduction: Knex Swich Blade and Wolverine Claws

I saw the new x men movie and came home and started messing around and came up with these the knife is something else I made but couldn't find a time to post it so ill do it now

if you would like them posted the just comment and rate and all that stuff thanks have fun



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    ya, that's not a switch blade. a switch blade is a hair come that flings open like a pocket knife

    no, a switchblade is a knife that shoots out of the handle for easy use

    cool but it difficalt to build!

    i made the claws a long time ago but had to mod a little from what you had becuz it wasnt working for me. but on both hands these are sweet!

    Dude i just saw Xmen origins this morning so i thought id see what Xmen stuff people made and this is pretty cool.

    3 greatest superheros in history-
    Batman (The best Batman is the Batman Begins and Dark Knight one)

    Wolverine (The sweetest and most cuddly and loveable of all the characters in the Xmen movies)

    Spiderman (cuz he shoots webs from his hands and climbs walls)

    I'm gonna post different wolverine claws soon, but they look more kinda futuristic...

    i made my own set of claws completely different im gunna post soon

    That's technically not a switch blade, but in fact, a very nice knex flip-blade, or pocket-knife. -PKT