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Introduction: Knex Switch Blade

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 Here is a knife i built cuz i was bored...
and i posted it cuz i was still bored...anyways, the blade folds in and it opens when you flick a little switch. (it easily fits in your pocket and works as a good throwing knife)
Hope you enjoy!!!!    :D    <(-_-)>      ()  ()    (x_x)    ;p    <(o_o)>

Step 1: Building the Handle and Blade

 Okay... build these... (image 1)

Now build this (image 2)

Step 2: Putting It Together

 You should be able to build this just following the pictures... read the notes!

You're done!!!! YAY!!!!



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    its simple, reliable and easy to fix its perfect!
    Make another one please!

    sweet, simple amazing dude!!=) WAY better than mine

    This is the best folding knife ever!!!!!!!

    slipdiddy!!! come and hang with me... i miss u bro... nice blade

     Check out my new crossbow.... its awesome!

    I believe I was the first to use the rubberband idea.

    small, nice and cool! what more can i say!