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Introduction: Knex Switchblade With Holster

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okay i admit it i modded some mykhailo's design. this one actually stays open or closed by rubberband power. no more unhooking knex pieces for you my friend!!!

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Step 1: Sides

simply make.

Step 2: Connecting

pic 1 - make
pic 2 - another view
pic 3-4 - connect, it dosn't matter which side it is on. theyre the same.

Step 3: Blade

pic 1 - build
pic 2 - connect to sides with a white rod

Step 4: Step4

pic 1 - build
pic 2 - slide in.

Step 5: Rubberband

pic 1 - put rubberband in hole of green connector like so
pic 2-3 - hook rubberband

Step 6: Pictures


Step 7: Holster

1 what your building
2-4 make
5 add another brown two way connector then the grey, one hole connectors
6-7 slide the knife in

you are done! yay! now get out of my sight! jkjk



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    ITS A SPRING ASSIST KNIFE. the "flipper'' is connected to the BLADE

    sorry mate but this is not the best switcblade i have seen

    1)why make a holster for something that it'd just be easier to pull out of your pocket
    2)where'd you get the glowy red connectors?

    14 replies

    the glowy red and green connectors are from a knex light up set with light up rods. it is really cool

    1~So you don't have to lay it flat on the ground.
    2~They are just another color scheme of knex. I have no clue what set. Sorry.

    Hope this helps!!!

    PS~ Do you like this? Check out my grenade too!

    i mean, you'd be fine with putting the knife on the ground if oyu were fine with carrying around an extra piece of plastic...

    You do have a point.


    yep, i usually do, however much i dislike having one...

    A point?


    A plastic knife?

    no, i mean i don't have a point... but my little rifley friend here does :D


    What is THAT?

    my rifle/battering ram/sword. it started out as a rifle, but then i added the brace between the insanely strong handle and the stock, then added a point on the other end. makes for a nasty melee. nearly indestructible handle, combined with nearly indestructible stock=pain. also, you can backslash with the other end while its in battering ram mode :D
    thing's designed for maximum piece efficiency everywhere other than the stock, and thats just cause i wanted it to be sturdy. mech is katarukito's new mech, slightly modified cause i didnt have the hinges.


    Will you P0$T?

    =maybe. if i do itll be this weekend-the thing's simple except for the firing mech, and katarukito posted an ible on how to make it.

    its a knife read the title

    o never mind its a blade in a holster