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I do not know what type of sword this would be if you do know please let me know. My v3 is better.

Long (2ft. 2in.)(41cm.)

piece consuming
a little heavy
can still break

here is a link for v1
here is a link for v3

Step 1: Handel

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The title says it all.

Step 2: Blade

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The title says it all.

Step 3: Puttiing It Together

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The title says it all.

Step 4: Just for Looks

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These are all optional. I recommend that you have at least the bottom ones.


bryantiger (author)2011-07-24

is it possible to use grey rods in place for those longe orange rods?

Shadowpom (author)bryantiger2011-07-24

yes they are the same just different colors

killersir751 (author)2010-10-22

if you want a piece list here it is:
yellow- 57 (roughly)
white (snowflake pieces)- 6
light grey- 3
green- 9 (including add-ons)
red/ dark grey (triangular)- 6 (including add-ons)

red- 9
white- 40 (including add-ons)
green- 84 (roughly; including add-ons)
blue- 18 (including add-ons)
long grey- 9
hope this helps!!!

anyway, i built the sword and thought it was really good, pretty sturdy and looks cool
nice one Shadowpom!

charleszxc (author)2010-03-13

like the hand guard  u need piece list

Shadowpom (author)charleszxc2010-08-24

Late reply i know but i dont do a piece list when parts are optional and most people have this many pieces

snowbird1 (author)2010-08-23

can you make a holister for this plz

Shadowpom (author)snowbird12010-08-24

i will try soon if i can it would be the only strong knex sword with a sheath

snowbird1 (author)2010-06-20

thanks, this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bighead5454 (author)2010-05-17

would you mind me making a sword with your handle if i give you credit for it?

Shadowpom (author)bighead54542010-05-18


SonicX 22 (author)2010-04-18

 i once made a RuneScape Godsword with your handle, it barely bent at all, was kinda heavy but used alot of pieces

Shadowpom (author)SonicX 222010-04-18

believe it or not i am making a godsword out of knex. 3ft blade same handle hard part are the details on the blade and handle.  Mine will be a zammy gs its my favorite.(i hate armadyl gs)

SonicX 22 (author)Shadowpom2010-04-20

 the best god sword would probably be Saradomin due to its awesome special attack (half the damage you do will be added to Life Points and 1/4 of the damage you do will be added to prayer)

Shadowpom (author)SonicX 222010-04-20

 Most people like the armadyl special (25% more damage). The reason i like zamorak is the fact that it freezes your opponent long enough to A. inflict more damage, B. run away.  Its all a matter of opinion I guess.

amtdude (author)2009-08-07

not bad 4*

Shadowpom (author)amtdude2009-08-07

Look at my v3 it is better

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