I do not know what type of sword this would be if you do know please let me know. My v3 is better.

Long (2ft. 2in.)(41cm.)

piece consuming
a little heavy
can still break

here is a link for v1 https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-sword-v1/
here is a link for v3 https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-sword-v3/

Step 1: Handel

The title says it all.

Step 2: Blade

The title says it all.

Step 3: Puttiing It Together

The title says it all.

Step 4: Just for Looks

These are all optional. I recommend that you have at least the bottom ones.
is it possible to use grey rods in place for those longe orange rods?
yes they are the same just different colors
if you want a piece list here it is: <br>CONNECTORS: <br>yellow- 57 (roughly) <br>white (snowflake pieces)- 6 <br>light grey- 3 <br>green- 9 (including add-ons) <br>red/ dark grey (triangular)- 6 (including add-ons) <br> <br>RODS: <br>red- 9 <br>white- 40 (including add-ons) <br>green- 84 (roughly; including add-ons) <br>blue- 18 (including add-ons) <br>long grey- 9 <br> hope this helps!!! <br> <br>anyway, i built the sword and thought it was really good, pretty sturdy and looks cool <br>nice one Shadowpom!
like the hand guard&nbsp; u need piece list
Late reply i know but i dont do a piece list when parts are optional and most people have this many pieces
can you make a holister for this plz
i will try soon if i can it would be the only strong knex sword with a sheath
thanks, this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
would you mind me making a sword with your handle if i give you credit for it?<br />
&nbsp;Sure<br />
&nbsp;i once made a RuneScape Godsword with your handle, it barely bent at all, was kinda heavy but used alot of pieces
believe it or not i am making a godsword out of knex. 3ft blade same handle hard part are the details on the blade and handle. &nbsp;Mine will be a zammy gs its my favorite.(i hate armadyl gs)
&nbsp;the best god sword would probably be Saradomin due to its awesome special attack (half the damage you do will be added to Life Points and 1/4 of the damage you do will be added to prayer)
&nbsp;Most people like the armadyl special (25% more damage). The reason i like zamorak is the fact that it freezes your opponent long enough to A. inflict more damage, B. run away. &nbsp;Its all a matter of opinion I guess.
not bad 4*
Look at my v3 it is better

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