Introduction: Knex Sword

Picture of Knex Sword

basic knex sword
my first instructable so be truthful in the comments
          strong (ish)
          not many pieces
Cons:cant think of any - comment if u can think of any

Step 1: Parts List

everybody loves a parts list!

33 yellow connectors
11 red connectors
2 white connectors
1 green connector
1 grey connector 

34 green rods
26 white rods
4 blue rods

Step 2: Blade

Picture of Blade

the strong blade at the left of the sword

Step 3: The Handle and Cross Piece

Picture of The Handle and Cross Piece


The Jamalam (author)2011-05-04

It looks alright, not too strong but at least you've used one of the main concepts of knex to fix this. I like it structure wise, maybe make it bigger?

JJ8090 (author)The Jamalam2011-09-07

take a look at my crossbow
do u like it??

JJ8090 (author)The Jamalam2011-05-04

thanx i have thought of a new stronger sword on the same concept
i will post my sheild soon

JJ8090 (author)2011-05-03

Have u made it

The Jamalam (author)JJ80902011-05-04

People can't see that you've replied to their comment if you just post another comment. Click the reply button under their comment to reply directly to them and so that they get a notification. Hope this helps :)

~KGB~ (author)2011-05-01

its ok

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