Knex Sword: Moves





Introduction: Knex Sword: Moves

Sup. This is my first Instructable. I'm not going to be retarded saying to "be nice". Post whatever you want. This'll show you basic moves.

Step 1: Downwards Slash!

To do this move, hold the handle with both hands and swing downwards

Step 2: Move @: Stab

The stab is usually used to kill the enemy.yo do this move,hold your sword with one hand, bring your arm back, and lunge forward.

Step 3: Slash

This move is used to slice the enemy in half or cause an injury in the side. to do it hold the sword with both hands and swing sideways.

Step 4: How to Attack

You want to attack the enemy in the center of the blade. it has 1/2 speed and 1/2 power. the top of the blade has more speed than power while the bottom has more power than speed. You are now ready to fight. my next instructable will be advanced moves. then when I get a camera I'll make actual things out of knex.



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    Hello. Please add a main image to the intro step and respond to this comment when you have so that I can remove it.

    Sure thanks for the problem. I'll fix it now

    how can u... how will u be able to fix that??? knex are brakes unless u have 1 hell of a sword like the soul caliber knex sword cooles thoufness ever built in the instructables :P

    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    this needs to be a video but i enjoyed this instructable 5*

    i hold my sword with the blade facing that wierd?

     If you have a dagger or a rapier it is not its called backhand it is good for sneak attacks and has 3x the power it normally does and 1.5x the strength, but no length. I made a godsword as a primary and a backhanded dagger as a secondary.

    Don't try to fight with a k'nex sword. It will definitely break before the enemy is even wounded.

    sometimes you can find wooden swords already made, but if not you can use a staff ($7.00 @ lowes) and put a handguard on it; or at least use a marker to place a spot where it will be and wrapping it in duct tape works well with grip and so no splinters...hope that helped