This is a mixture of a tactical knife and a throwing knife based on the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
It is really simple to make and doesnt take up too much pieces

Pieces you will need:

grey(double connectors):2
grey(single connectors):3


blue rings:2
y connectors:21

Step 1: Handle/throwing Knife Holder

This is the hardest bit but it is still easy

Step 2: Blade/throwing Knife

This is too simple

Step 3: Attatching

This is to show you how to attatch the blade/throwing knife  

Step 4: Enjoy

Just some pictures of it.
Mine's way better than this :)
The thing about throwing knives is that the blade needs to be significantly longer than the handle. You hold the blade in your hand, throw it, and it completes a half spin in mid air before it hits its target. The handle does 2 things: 1. Acts as a counterbalance to the blade, 2. allows you to pick it up.
They make throwing knives with the handle and blade in regular proportion, just balanced for throwing but still usable as a regular knife.
Doesn't look like the knife from mw2
I know, but i only got the idea making it from the game.
Why don't you change the title to something more specific then, like "K'nex knife inspired by Modern Warfare 2"?
but then it wouldnt explain how it is a tactical and athrowing knife. i might get rid of the idea that it is inspired by mw2. It is only my first instructable.
All the knives on mw2 are the same
A tactical knife if used in fieldcraft, not combat.
Just leave him alone, it really doesnt matter.
Thank you.
its been done b4

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