ok guys heres a compact knex gun tht has bottom load feed it can fire around normal range about 30 feet or more. (that was for me cuz i have bad rubber bands) any way guys enjoy. but guys dont slam my instructable plz... its not cool.

peices needed

dark grey connectors: 29
red connectors:13
light grey connectors:2
yellow connectors:15
tan hubcaps:15
metalic blue hubcaps:4
green connectors:10
black hinge:1
white connectors:5
orange connector:6
green rods:unknown :P
white rods:6
yellow rods:5
red rods:3
tan rod:1
blue spacers:10
grey spacers:1

total is about 126 not including green rods

Step 1: Barrel

barrel and extension and other stuff

Step 2: Handles

handle number 1 and handle number 2

Step 3: Magazine

heheh this is a clasic magazine. its just shorter so it can hold blue rods.

Step 4: Connect Handles to Barel

picture explanatory.... : )

Step 5: Connect Mag.

... hi!

Step 6: Loading and Firing

follow pictures carfully mag compacity: 15 blue rods when ur all finished pull the ram back and fire!!

Step 7: Gun in Action

vid of me shooting it. lol srry toards the end my magazine almost fell off
 5 stars
it is <strong>TEC</strong> 9 and it looks nothing like it<br/>
I made this gun, man it works good! it emties a clip in less then 15 sec. good job!
ya when u only have one round in the mag i hate them block triggers
im currently making a tec 9 with true trigger
I'm thinking of making this but i don't wanna take apart my winchester i made (hell yes!) so i need some advice...is it worth it to take apart my winchester, take the time to build it probably get disappointed because it cant fire and then i commit suicide? that is the question -shakespere (or however u spell it, someone should make an instructables™ on how to spell it)
take the winchester apart, build the gun and if u dont like the gun rebuild the winchester
that is how you spell it
i dont what i did wrong but almost every thing gets jammed
The Tec 9 from Grand theft auto san andreas is asome.
go to youtube and type in ==clubpenguinhaka knex tec 9== to see mine.<br/>
I'm gonna make a knex tec-9 thats different check it out, its only a forum right know
NEW 08 edition its bad a**
Its <strong>TEC-9</strong> Get it right =.=&quot;<br/>
why do you have a second handle?
its optional that was just for me but i recromend it because if u just hold it with one hand the gun will sag down a bit and ruin its accuracy
b-day today?
no yesterday
oh. well, happy belated birthday then!
thx :)
How old?
you just modded the simple shotgun.
wtf no i didnt this is not a shot gun and it duzent look anything like tht
can everybody leave ouch alone wtf has he done to you he made a knex gun and its good so f**** the hell off.<br/>
you put 1 too many stars.
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lol what u talking about he just complimented the gun lol
Yes but he told everyone to ,quote &quot;f**** the hell off&quot; un-quote<br/>
w/e lol
lol thnx
no biggy
tis gun is great so i duno wot u tlking bout
I have major problems with all of the guns i make! =(<br/>
y wats rong?
i have one word for this gun: fan-flipping-tastic!!!! its one of the coolest guns on this site! good job!
thx did u build it?
lol of course! why else would i say that? the only problem, however, is that the magazine jams quite frequently
hmmm. i half to say 6.5 out of 10. looks super great but alittle copying of some other guns and really nothing that that new. but pretty cool.now can you make a removeable cip mp5k???????
wth how is this nothing new if u can name one other hand gun on this site with bottem loading hopper tell me
well, first of all, the handle is from another gun,its a block trigger, and the bottom loading mag really means nothing to me, but i mean that theres nothing new about this gun(different trigger,loading system, ect) its just all of the different systems put together. P.s look at the inferno
wat do u mean nothing new the hoppers on the bottom... i only now like 2 or 3 guns tht have tht so i dnt no wat ur talking about and 2nd of all i cant make a mp5 with a cip...
lol thats what i mean. the mag on the bottom is from another gun and you just put all the different ideas together, wich you actualy made a good gun. im not critisiseing it.
lol ok

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