just a few pictures of my knex things

1 knex revolver
2 knex wolverine claws out
3 in
4 knex blade in
5 out
6 knex assault pistol
7 powerful knex rifle

:D totally made me want to sub~ good luck on your things
I mean the 7 picture <br>
what is the name of the last one
Please do a tutorial on the wolverine blades my lil bro will go crazy in exitment!
I like the soda machine!
Post the revolver coz it looks sik
revolver looks cool
I hate it when people put &quot;Assault Pistol&quot; as the names of their handguns only to add a layer of glamour to the name.
&nbsp;how does the last one work<br /> <br />
what does the first one fire?
&nbsp;Oh lol!&nbsp;
&nbsp;How did the pistol work? any good? or just ok?
&nbsp;have u posted pic no 7? if u have can u give me a link??<br /> <br />
i like the claws the most
thanks have u made them if not heres the link <br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-woverine-claws/">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-woverine-claws/</a><br/>
thanks im so goin their<br />
yeh ive made them and i sharpened the rods and they were going through thick boxes with esase
cool im going to try that
hey i just saw your spring out weapon<br /> its so cool have you seen my slide out sword?(hides under sleeve)<br /> its on you tube<br /> slide out sword
I like the rifle. If it had a circular ammo can on the side it would look a lot like a WWII FG. I'm such a cod geek. :p
forgot to say the coke machine
cool guns

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