Knex Thompson





Introduction: Knex Thompson

This is my knex Thompson shooting replica

(credits to the Dunkis for trigger)

range: 25-35 feet
durability:the stock is very flimsy but the body is really sturdy
power:barely dents cardboard
ROF:repeater (cock,shoot,cock,shoot)
ammo:gray connectors

very realistic
removable mag with mag release
comfortable handle
IMO most realistic Thompson on the site

flimsy stock
mag is slightly angled to either side
uses cut parts
uses a lot of pieces

Step 1: The Stock

Read the notes.

Step 2: Body and Handle

Step 3: Fore-grip

Step 4: Assembly

I do not have any pictures of the firing pin but it is just a black rod with a blue spacer, an orange connector and tape.You have to tie a string to through the loop or connect a yellow rod to the back of the orange connector and tape it.



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    this gun is one of my least but good guns in medal honor heros

    The stock connection looks a little messy but on the whole, nice work :D


    this is one amazing gun. It looks EXACTLY like the real Thompson, except it's made out of knex!!!

    This gun is really old and there are alot of things I could have made better, like the stock connection and ram, but I guess its pretty good looking. I might make a newer version soon though.

    you dont need to change it its great

    But now that I look at it there are many things I could improve.

    Is the orange flexi rod the same as the red flexi rod?

    1 reply

    I'm not sure but it is the same size as a yellow rod.

    There are two different versions of thompsons and this one doesnt have a drum mag the other kind also has different sites and a forward grip.

    ones a WWI version with the charging handle on top and WWII is with on the side, the forward grip & drum mag are attachments, they can have a normal wooden block or handle.

    THe thompson never existed during WWI, the thompson was in developement during WWI and first came into production in 1921. You also cant attatch a forward grip to a WWII era Thompson.

    well w/e but its an attachment for the gun

    No. I was trying to explain to you that they are manufactured with or without a vertical grip, and you cannot attatch one to it later on, therefore it is not an attatchment.

    really? ive seen a video of someone replacing the grips on one, unless its only for airsoft, but it does have one or two tho