Picture of knex tipped nerf darts
as the name provides knex tipped nerf darts

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Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of stuff you'll need
1) a hot glue gun and sticks
2) nerf darts (preferably ones you don't mind ruining)
3) knex white rods or little green ones (one per dart)
a4great5 years ago
good instructable but consider a better enviroment for the pictures as the green rod apears to be black and the white gray.
They are those colors, they're from special sets...
the white ones are actually kind of grey.
GameNox4 years ago
What is the point of this? If it makes it longer then why don't you just make streamline darts and add a knex tip to those?
exexema4 years ago
and it probly hurts more
lemonie6 years ago
What's the advantage? L
you can use these sonic darts and mod them to be used in a recon or longshot(which can only use streamline darts).
It's in the streamlined-tip then - you don't need the KNEX but it's handy for the job? L
What? No, this lets you use any other dart in a recon/longshot/raider as opposed to using only streamlines
mariome101 (author) 6 years ago
the knex gives it a stronger and heavier tip thus increasing distance