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yay my first instructable. anyway this is a mini catapolt it doesent use that many peices and not any exotic peices. and is very powerful. and has many different types of ammo. hope you guys like it.

enjoy :)

Step 1: Needed Peices

5 yellow rods

2 red rods

2 blue rods

4 white rods

9 tan clip connectors

4 weels any size

1 gray connector

2 orange connectors

2 red connectors

6 yellow connectors

5 or more small rubber bands

total 37 peices not counting rubber bands and ammo

Step 2: Body (1st Half)

Picture of Body (1st Half)

make this.

Step 3: Body (2nd Half)

Picture of Body (2nd Half)

make this.

Step 4: Inner Soport

Picture of Inner Soport

i cant spell :P

Step 5: Throwing Arm

Picture of Throwing Arm

important peice.

Step 6: Puttin It Together

Picture of Puttin It Together

yay were almost done.

1st pick: connect support to first frame half like so.

2nd pick: connect throwing arm.

3rd pick:connect 1st half and 2nd.

4th pick: add weels do to all four sides and put a tan clip at the end of the rods to keep them in place.

Step 7: Adding Rubber Bands

Picture of Adding Rubber Bands

add som rubber bands for power.

Step 8: Firing!!! - Fun Part

ok watch the vid. you can use almost any connector to fire this but grey works best.


smidge147 (author)2007-08-06

wtf?!?(first comment) btw change your name.

killer k (author)smidge1472007-08-06

huh? and i cant change my name btw wat do u mean by wtf do u like it?

sona (author)killer k2007-08-12

WTF? generaly means what the f*** as for BTW... well to me that's been a mystery for quite some time.

killer k (author)sona2007-08-12

do u think im stuiped? i no wat wtf means now get outta here

bunduk (author)killer k2007-10-23

yes i do because you have a dumb name and you cant spell stupid right

mr.origami (author)bunduk2009-05-20

dumbass bunduk

Vertigo666 (author)sona2007-08-13

by the way

Whaleman (author)killer k2007-08-07

question marks generally mean confused

killer k (author)Whaleman2007-08-07


killer k (author)smidge1472007-08-06

o yea and i was ganna do a prank with my name but i didnt so thats why my name is killer k lulz

Danny (author)killer k2007-08-08

u can change it but u have to ask eric (ewillhelm)

sona (author)2008-07-18

Finally an actual torsion powered k'nex!!!

Mexicanjedi (author)2008-07-07

Next time try explaining the steps

geek27 (author)2008-02-09

Nice! Quite coincidentally, it looks like my catapult too! Except, I wish I came up with this idea. Not only is it more powerful (at least for me), but it is smaller. Love it.

snipeyouout (author)2007-08-18

ya the orange piece, the one with two connectors

snipeyouout (author)2007-08-14

the best ammo is the orange piece

killer k (author)snipeyouout2007-08-14

orange peice? dnt u mean the light gray connector but u just got som that are orange cuz i ahv som of those

Vertigo666 (author)2007-08-11

Instead of leaving the rubber bands the way they are, put the arm through the 2 of them, and twist them once or twice before putting the whole thing back, should get more power

killer k (author)Vertigo6662007-08-12

thx dude ill try it

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