Knex Transformer and R2-D2




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Introduction: Knex Transformer and R2-D2

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Hi everyone,
recently i build r2 d2 and a tank transformer please tell me what you think



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    Meh it's long gone and really not that good. I might rebuild it sometime soon though... Sorry

    umm.. lets see only a star wars nerd would know r2d2 has jet boosters on him

    anyone who's played lego star wars knows that r2d2 has jet boosters

    i have had a friend in the past and he still has this book on all the starwars people and it says that r2 has a jet booster

    i didn't make them but i could try it i'm not totally sureíf i'll post it because i just made the SR-V1 and its awesome

    OK\kay I'll check them out.

    Get some big C02 Cartages for R2-D2 XD

    Lol I know, and thanks

    I don't really like the transformer but I LOVE THAT R2 D2! Great job!