Knex Transformer (pick-up)



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Introduction: Knex Transformer (pick-up)

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this is my new transformer pick-up like truck
i promise i'll post it if 20 peopole comment nice and suscribe (p.s) sorry for any bad grammar i'm from holland



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    if you use the reply button its easier for everyone to keep track of conversations and we get emails of what you said. good transformer btw

    You cant reply on an i device. BTW: I am typing this at ten at night in front of my computer. Reply inception!!!

    Nice, although it looks more like a hummer... not that hummers are bad! BTW, I like the head.

    It's true that the head sucks, however I had neither a lot of experience nor a lot of K'nex back then. I'm currently working on another one which'll be better and bigger.

    i've posted it : hope you enjoy it and please say what you think of the other one

    haha, i like it!