Knex Transmition





Introduction: Knex Transmition

knex transmition that has neutral first and second gear and its my first Instructable

it has
1 motor
3 red gears
3 blue (and i have one gold) gears
2 two slot connectors
5 silver spacers
16 blue spacers
4 white connectors
6 tan connectors
8 purple slot connectors
4 blue slot connectors
3 red connectors
6 green pegs
8 white rods
1 yellow rod
7 blue rods
1 red (or green) rod
1 grey rod
total=79 pieces

Step 1: The Main Box

for this step you must make the main box that holds the gears together.

Step 2: The First Gear

This is the first gear with the motor attached to it.

Step 3: The Second Gear

this is the second gear to be made which has the actual handle to change gear.

Step 4: The Third Gear

This is the third is the last gear to make.

Step 5: Putting the Final Parts Together

This is the final step where you put everything together.

Step 6: Speed

It should be very fast in second gear and slow in first gear to make first gear slower and second gear faster take out the final gear.



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    69 Discussions

    Please please please can you make a video of it working!

    I don't get how you switch gears.

    Also can you add a clutch.

    nice; i like it, i just came here to ask if anyone could help me encasing my transmission plz;

    This is a very good instructable. It works well. Just so everyone can know, a silver spacer is the same as three blue spacers. I really like this. the only problem I have with it is the fact that the pictures exclude some parts (the corner of step one) but all else is good

    6 replies

    Well maybe some people don't know that a silver spacer is equal to 3 blue spacers. Don't give negative comments to people who are just trying to help out. not all sets include the silver spacers. next time, think before you speak.

    usually "Bravo! Sherlock" is a term used when someone states an obvious fact. That is negative.


    yes, but they are a little loose. well at least mine is. the little grey ones won't work because they don't have a place for the tan pieces to go into

    i made this then did something similar with 3 speeds but it has no neutral

    you made mistake in parts list: it is not 7 blue rods, it is 9 blue rods