an amazing trebuchet with easy to follow instructaions and some extras.

Step 1: The Supports

this step will show you how to make the major support beems

Step 2: Just Adding Some More Supports


Step 3: The Firing Sling

this is really easy please ask if you have a problem

Step 4: Finishing Up

add the sling in this step
Ha. my one's bigger than yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and more sturdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and can shoot further!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I win.
oh, um sorry, your trebuchet is good as well.
You seem to be very cocky. I dont see an instructable of your catapult on your page. This is what it says,"The Great Knex Warrior has not posted any instructables yet... "
I'll put a pic up when I take one of it :)
dude, im made this and it hardly throws far, and isnt the barrel wat u put the thing ur firing in a bit small???
check out this beast:<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/knex-trebuchet/">https://www.instructables.com/community/knex-trebuchet/</a><br/>
A trebuchet is <strong>NOT</strong> a catapult. Catapults rely on a spring or something similar. Trebuchets use a falling weight. This is a trebuchet. +1 for size! <sup>_</sup><br/>
i dont think its technically called a trebuchet but its more like a catapult. Nice catapult. If anyone can make a trebuchet that is pretty big not small and flings stuff pretty far please post it. Consiter it a challenge. thanks
this isnt a trebuchet
I you say that you cant answer that that meansyou did because if you didn't then you'd gladly say no, but anyways you probably didn't
have you killed any people with those throwing stars?
umm,i cant answer that...lol
wait a miniute now i know what happened to my hamster. my mom said it went on vacation. this is the worst day of my life!!!!!!!
It did go on vacation: to scenic "flying out the window squealing" in "get eaten by an eagle" Massachusetts!
thank you, I am so relieved.
How about a supplies list? I cant tell what size sticks you used, let alone how many.
This is it? I was expecting something a little more... grand.
Do you mean Unique? If so, then that's what I thought
yes sorry, ojochris
No need to be sorry, It's a hard word (Kinda) lol
I have the same shurikens and a 1 foot big one xD
lol,cool im getting 3 new throwing knives just bought them today online
Sorry, my last comment was supposed to be a reply to Pacman227, to be clear
Nice Trebuchet i like it im gona try and make one, First comment
thanks,good luck.
Looks good and very simple, Well done.
What is a Trebuchet? second comment
a trebuchet is a uneke style of a catapult

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