Knex Trebuchet:power





Introduction: Knex Trebuchet:power

an amazing trebuchet with easy to follow instructaions and some extras.

Step 1: The Supports

this step will show you how to make the major support beems

Step 2: Just Adding Some More Supports


Step 3: The Firing Sling

this is really easy please ask if you have a problem

Step 4: Finishing Up

add the sling in this step



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    You seem to be very cocky. I dont see an instructable of your catapult on your page. This is what it says,"The Great Knex Warrior has not posted any instructables yet... "

    dude, im made this and it hardly throws far, and isnt the barrel wat u put the thing ur firing in a bit small???

    A trebuchet is NOT a catapult. Catapults rely on a spring or something similar. Trebuchets use a falling weight. This is a trebuchet. +1 for size! _

    i dont think its technically called a trebuchet but its more like a catapult. Nice catapult. If anyone can make a trebuchet that is pretty big not small and flings stuff pretty far please post it. Consiter it a challenge. thanks

    this isnt a trebuchet

    I you say that you cant answer that that meansyou did because if you didn't then you'd gladly say no, but anyways you probably didn't

    umm,i cant answer

    wait a miniute now i know what happened to my hamster. my mom said it went on vacation. this is the worst day of my life!!!!!!!

    It did go on vacation: to scenic "flying out the window squealing" in "get eaten by an eagle" Massachusetts!

    thank you, I am so relieved.

    How about a supplies list? I cant tell what size sticks you used, let alone how many.