heres my trophy truck im in the process of building let me know wht u think 
plz plz plz plz post an instructable i want to build it so so bad<br>
i built it once, it was a little hard to but you can do it without an instructable, by looking at the pictures. <br>
sweet <br>
and send me the pics when you do so please<br>
could you take a picture of the under side and some better pics of the truck<br>
Very good. Post if you can.
il c wht i can do
Really good, just take some pics of it when you disassemble it, that suspension is unique- and realistic. I like the whole truck.
i dont think im going to dissable it i wanna keep it as a model
Ok, when you do need to take it apart. Sorry. I misphrased my statement.
Nice truck sir. It has good supension, but why is the rear end look a little off? The rear has fender flares, that should mean Duallys in the rear for better looks. Ah well, it deserves a 5* rating. I gave you cookie too.
thanx and i got to design a new back axle for it cuz i dont really like the one i got for it, its not strong enought. and its a trophy truck the dont have duallys
looks epic

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