this is a basic knex truck. it can be moded extensivly. it has a lo gear setting in the pictures because i like to do hill climbs. the gears can be swiched to a high setting. this will make it go faster. or you can have it free wheel.

Step 1: UPDATES!!!!

WHAT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THE NEW MODS!!!!! This it the smae truck. it is stronger, lighter and no ugly orange rods in the sides. it has suspension and a motor. it can also be moded. I added a spiler and a hood scoop, along with a front bumper. Leave a comment if you want instuctions 'Til then SEEYA. :P

Step 2: The Parts

the parts needed are basic. 20 grey/orange/black rods(the longest rods). 13 red/green rods(medium rods). 26 blue rods. 5 yellow rods. 44 white/ silver rods . 12 green/black(shortest rods). 4 wheels. from the pictures you can figure out the conectors.

Step 3: Axel/ Swaybar Setup

this part can be tricky. if you need help leave a comment. the yellow gear is an option. i was trying to come up with a 4wd system.

Step 4: The Body

it is a strong design. add supports where needed.

Step 5: Motor Mount

this is complicated in some areas. such as the gear place ment.


alrighty!! now you can put the beast together.

Step 7: End Result

if you did this right it should look some thing like this
<p>post it</p>
<p>anyone want me to post my trophy truck? jumped it in dirt, flogged it behind a motorbike, handles like a real truck and almost unbreakable. PLUS it has never before seen suspension setup</p>
you need to post this immedietly i want to build it so bad
and instructions ?
kinda late i love that truck plz post.
yeeeeesssss bro pleeeaasse post your trophy truck its awesome , i love building things like that plz post plz post<br />
ok well this truck has been destroyed and rebuilt close to 3 times now, i am just about finished my final design, just working out a few kinks. The front has independant suspension which does limit it a bit but also makes it more realistic the rear end can get maybe 15 cm of travel, it is pretty accurate to a 1:1 truck too
POST!!! I really love trophy trucks and I really want to build yours.
i added an interior and two knex guys. the wing and the motor have been removed. PLEASE&nbsp;REPLY&nbsp;IF&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;WANT ME&nbsp;TO&nbsp;POST INSTRUCTIONS.
i like it ,but suspension on it
hey all!!! just modified the truck A&nbsp;LOT. droped it about all the way and added coustom wheels. it has make shift hydrolics. i will post it tomorrow. til then PEACE. :P
feel free to post mods
i plan on adding suspension
Add a suspension and it would be as good as it can get.<br />
it does have tha tan clip attatchment in the back. Raikou-san. and you can double up the largest wheels in a regular knex set Mr. Muggle
You're better off using wheels that have places for tan clips to lock in. It helps secure the wheels and creates more horsepower.<br />
pretty nice though I don't think many people have those wheels<br />

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